Taking risk till your target is reached is something that he believes in. Monotony and stability strikes him hard, as in his own words he explains, “Stability will confine and limit you”. Sri cleared up the KAS examination and was on the verge of becoming a successful officer. He gave up this opportunity to pursue his long cherished Entrepreneurial dreams.Holding an Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication from Vivekananda School of Technology, Bangalore, he has worked with companies like IGATE Global Solutions and FugenX early in his career. He was not content from within as he has been always surrounded by the desire of creating something new in every single day. Having carried along with him, experiences of Coding and Software development along with Client Handling, he had acquired knowledge about the considerable effect and change that might yield captivating results. He realized that he is capable of making a difference, a difference that others can just only think of.

Understanding the requirement and heavy demand of the Indian mobility company, this brilliant brain was analytical and knew how to bring about a difference in the scenario. Here germinates the idea of Brill Mindz. His age, he feels is his advantageous part, as most of the Entrepreneur can only dream of doing something at a tender age and fulfill it in their 30’s, he breaks around the conventional thought and achieved something in his early 20’s. Being, a CEO and Founder of a growing company that has strength of 150+ employees and presence in multiple continents, is his effective portrayal of taking risk.

Sri believes in effective management as from the project inception to its delivery, he is with the clientele, explaining and convincing them logically, deriving at a solutions of problems and deducing the profit margin of their business.