Employee task management


  • Annual employee performance reviews don’t achieve the desired result for employees, supervisors or management.
  • Employees and enterprises are looking for a truly viable alternative to the current annual employee review systems currently in place.
  • TIGR has the application that brings together the fragments of Task setting, collaboration and recognition, creating an environment where employee performance is live, continuous and constantly transparent.
  • www.tigr8.com has the answer to high value employee performance reviews.
“Employee performance reviews, that time of the year when an employee gets to have a sit-down ‘one on one’ meeting with his supervisor to discuss performance related to employee development, increasing value to the enterprise and future horizons.”


The notion of employee reviews is a great strategy to increase employee engagement, adding value to the enterprise, creating a collaborative environment and elevating a company to being a desirable place to seek employment. On all counts the current system of annual employee performance reviews have fallen short, employees feel little value in an annual review when the environment including the enterprises focus, the employee level of expertise has evolves in the same timeframe. Employees expect to have frequent interaction and incentives, employees want to have ownership of their future and so does everyone in every enterprise.
Research indicates that less than one in five employees feel performance reviews are relevant to what is important to their future, they do not feel inspired or motivated.

Company values.

Employee performance reviews are just a pallet of items that are designed to build cohesive teams, empower individuals and make companies a desirable place to seek employment. They are an important part of any enterprise but they are not the tool that changes everything, there are many other parts that make a totally desirable environment and as usual it starts at the very top of the organisation, having an authentic desire to add value to the life of every employee and at the same time increase productivity, it has to be in the company ethos and the actions of its leaders. For employee performance reviews to have real meaning every employee from the top executives must feel value in their individual contribution and be comfortable with the demonstrated heart of the company, not only just for their own personal gain.

The moving target of employee performance.

Employee performance reviews need to be dynamic, meaningful and add value to the employee, manager and enterprise. In a typical employee performance review there will be tasks for the employee to meet and also tasks for the mangers action. Employee history is captured by TIGR, graphically and noted as a text file. Tasks can be set related to a project/operation or task that can be actioned within a time for personal development, if there is an action that requires the managers action it should be set by the managers superior as accountably is reflected in the managers TIGR history.

Think about changing what is not working well.

With that in mind I would like to present a real alternative, where the whole organisation can be inspired to achieve their personal best for themselves, their colleagues and the enterprise. TIGR is a unique application designed to generate an environment where individuals can flourish, teams bond and enterprises prosper. It is startlingly simple that TIGR links everyday activities to overall expectations and rewards achieving these everyday tasks, building ownership, expertise and empowerment. You have the perfect combo of responsibility, recognition and gratefulness (yes gratefulness), it’s really good to feel needed, respected and at the same moment increasing your level of expertise as a total individual, leaving room for your own desires it achieve your personal best. TIGR is an acronym for TENACITY INTELLECT GRATITUDE and RESILIENCE and forms the basis of positive recognition at the completion of each task, inspiring the manager to recognise the effort required to complete the task. TIGR is the way forward, creating continuous and live employee performance reviews.

  • Define tasks - to achieve a successful outcome employees wand clear task definition creating ownership from the beginning.
  • Collaborate - staying on track through continuous, live communication where ideas can be exchanged is empowering.
  • Recognise - capture the completed task as a record of achievement displays clear ability and level of effort.

TIGR is independent, only focused on a positive outcome for employee, manager and the enterprise. TIGR is a free application and is not reliant on company or employee for its profit, this allows TIGR to act for the benefit of employee empowerment and as a result, enterprise productivity.


Understanding what employees want is an essential starting point to employee performance reviews, TIGR recognises that a job is more that an income, there must be a reason behind the demand to put effort into any task. There must be pathway that develops expertise. The relationship with supervisors should be mutually beneficial. Reviews should be dynamic and reflect the changing environment at the completion of every task. TIGR is an acronym that stands for TENACITY INTELLECT GRATITUDE and RESILIENCE, these positive traits are recognised at the completion of each and every task, empowering the employee to reach optimum strength capability and working in a collaborative environment allows individuals to flourish and grow. TIGR aims to give meaning to work by forging strong relationships between mentors and coworkers, recognising the effort required to complete a task and provide an attestation of ability based upon the documented evidence captured at the completion of every task.

Yes we are totally different from anything else.

TIGR is not what what existing employee performance reviews look like, clearly we are different, we capture and recognise tasks completed, we are independent, we are not biased our main focus is employee empowerment. TIGR performance reviews are live, continuous and mutually beneficial. TIGR is a reimagining of management based on positive reinforcement, ownership and collaboration. Ask yourself does TIGR deserve further investigation and if your answer is yes just go to www.tigr8.com where a lot more will be explained. Take a little time to understand what TIGR really is and how profound the change to your organisation TIGR can make.

Collaborative competition

TIGR Games is where individuals, teams or complete enterprises can enjoy a competitive challenge, TIGR keeps score of achievements, productivity gains against other enterprises, industry norms or previous best effort adding zest to the overall quest to be a high performer. TIGR games builds on a natural innate desire to compete, just like supporting a sporting team or a golfer making it to the final round the desire to successfully compete as a team builds every enterprise into a cohesive, focused and desirable place to work where collaboration has additional meaning and celebrations are justified. Research shows that being part of a collaborative team is the one of the main reasons to remain at a company.

TIGR is not a Navy SEAL training camp, we believe that individuals are multifaceted where your job is just one part that builds an overall person that can consistently perform at a high level, we don’t believe in employee of the month because it has a tendency to disrupt a team, we believe in individual recognition for every task and incremental improvement. So to be clear TIGR believes in individual recognition on task performance, and firmly against the recognition of individual performance when it is a comparison to others, the aim is to build a team of consistent above average performances and enthusiasm. Being part of a collaborative team builds loyalty and happiness.

TIGR future

All employees surveys indicate that there is a fundamental desire to augment expertise with additional learning. TIGR Future is where learning opportunities are accessed and documented and upon completion included in the job history as additional expertise. TIGR will offer learning opportunities that build you as a person and an asset to your organisation.

TIGR and the manager

Intrinsic to the success of employee performance is having managers that understand the ultimate goal of building a cohesive, positive environment where ideas can flourish, where individuals are allowed to build there own best performance. The manager is and should be an advisor, a contributor and a sage, building on there own levels of personal achievement. Employee performance reviews can be an opportunity for managers to learn how to be better at what they are charged to do, managing people to there best levels. Great managers are unseen assistants that encourage, guide and enhance the performance of their teams. TIGR has tasks for managers that are set at a higher level, where they build on their own personal best performances. Getting the most from your team is not an overnight solution, TIGR recognises the efforts that managers make and assists them in their own development.

TIGR wants to be a part of your future.

There is a lot more to TIGR, being totally focused on positive outcomes, we are never, ever interested in negativity and have built our application to take advantage of the positive opportunities for building career successes and company profitability in the belief that in order to be successful all contributors must gain value. TIGR is free application without any obligation to purchase, our future income will come from building opportunities where employees, companies and TIGR can derive mutual benefit, our best interest is served when all parties are empowered.

To learn more about TIGR go towww.tigr8.com where all your questions can be answered and you can see how our simple and obvious task management application can contribute to the long term success of your enterprise. Think about the possibilities that TIGR can deliver, we want to be a part of your future.

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