Employee Task Management

TIGR8.com is the only fully integrated employee task management system that combines the three elements that are required to create an environment where rewards are not just money.

- Current systems for employee task management are focused on hard targets.
- Today’s workers want more than a meaningless form to gain income.
- Managers are great at the hard skills but fall short at soft skills.
- TIGR has the application that brings together the fragments of Task setting, collaboration and recognition necessary for continuous above the bar performance.

Employee task management

Traditionally managers gave instructions at a high level and gave little or no recognition for tasks completed. This attitude of repercussion other than recognition flies in the face of logic if his intention is to create a high performance group. Managers used domination to demand execution, without any reference to the environment that was being created. Old school leaders wanted to have a work team that was submissive, ‘just get on with it, no complaints, you are here to do a job’, was often the cry, and this was an effective strategy to drive the bottom line. The old school employee task management system is no longer viable; today’s employees are informed, mobile and want a lot more.
Today’s workforce still requires a leader, but not one that is micro-managing, forceful, unwavering and myopic.

The way forward for employee task management systems is via a comprehensive, integrated process that fosters growth in individuals, retains accountability, respects ability and develops expertise. TIGR8.com has more direct management experience than any other employee task management system available, our history is not through using an app, but from true evolution of working for hard task managers in the 1970’s, through direct management in the 1980’s, 90’s, through writing management procedures in the 2000’s, building reward systems that TIGR believes are falsely based. Finally in TIGR 2015 started the evolution to a comprehensive, recognition based reward system that disrupts the existing employee task management systems.
The advent of app culture allowed the creative genius that is TIGR to become a revolution in employee task management by offering a reward based recognition that leveraged the ability to clearly define goals, have continuous collaboration and recognize the effort of the completed task.

Recognition can’t just be liberally distributed or its value is diminished, just saying ‘good job’ after each completed task becomes just a polite ‘good morning’, task recognition needed to be tied to the effort so defining the parameters for recognition are vital if you are to have a way of measuring individuals and a way for individuals to compare their previous effort. The four traits that are most respected in self-development and career fulfillment are tenacity, intellect, gratitude and resilience, being the basis for empowerment, these traits are clearly replicate-able for every task. TIGR traits are a deliberately non-negative profile soft enough to improve with some effort but hard enough to be worthy of effort, connected to career evolution. Task recognition needed to be tied to successful completion and drive productivity, to do this TIGR ranks completion time as part of the overall recognition making accountability part of the algorithm and increasing the productivity dividend.

Task recognition needed to be valued, to do this TIGR created the Work History Bio where past tasks are documented including the ranking creating for the first time ever a certified dossier of abilities further increasing the productivity dividend. In order to maintain empowerment tasks needed to be distributed throughout the organization so a top down structure was developed. From the very top, the first Project/Operation is initiated at the CEO level and cascading through to the final task, recognition and accountability becomes a valued commodity for career development. Employee task management has changed forever, it will to return to an authoritarian system.

Don’t expect a radical system that drives behavioral change, TIGR is not a believer in a war office mentality, your occupation is only one facet of a complicated life we participate in, you culture, family, your future aspirations, health, wealth and past are all important and contribute a significant proportion to your career outcomes, TIGR hopes to be a positive contribution to your wellbeing.
Productivity has retained its position as the single most important commodity is any employee task management system and will remain as the prime target for any project; TIGR is built around a win-win where additional productivity that is reserved for great managers is accessed, because through accountability and recognition the participants want to produce their best.

There are many examples of extracting the best from any situation, in war where strong leadership is demonstrated in life or death situations, the soldiers are more willing to charge into battle when the leader is not authoritarian. Extracting the best from any group of individuals requires an understanding that soldiers respond to authentic leadership that is based on true soft skills in combination with recognized hard skills. Employee task management asks that participants’ complete tasks on a hard skill only basis, this only works because of the naturally occurring wish to perform at your best, it is undocumented, mostly unrecognized, wholly undocumented and unrecognized at the completion giving rise to reduced performance over time. TIGR takes these efforts that are willingly given and documents a path of career development, recognition and sustained above the bar performance additionally TIGR encourages all participants to collaborate and improve their performance rating.

If you are going to use an employee task management system of any sort, you need sustained and replicable performance there is an obligation to take advantage of the most rewarding system available, an employee task management system that transcends the usual ‘do as you are told’, inflexible authoritarian closed book. TIGR has taken the strands of Plan, Communicate and Recognize, plaiting them into a comprehensive disrupting tech that will create an enduring, positive environment for sustained and profitable enterprise.

Any task management system has to have sustained value; TIGR is a free application that leverages the additional opportunities that are created through identification of learning opportunities, clearlydefined non-disruptive advertising, productivity analysis and career development, TIGR uses a feed page to promote empowerment and ownership, knowing each user and understanding where they might need encouragement in an unobtrusive way.TIGR is valuable to enterprise through productivity gains, increased ownership, culture development and reduction in staff turnover. TIGR is valuable to employees because they build a career pathway through a certified Job History Bio, Recognition that their effort is appreciated and empowerment through ownership. TIGR has value to managers because they are directed to leadership because once the task is defined and the channel for collaboration is established they can concentrate on the soft skills, primarily gratitude and demonstrate resilience to augment the tenacity and intellect that has served them so far.

Employee task management is like flying a kite, it takes more skill than pure instruction, and it takes the right wind, perseverance, ability, passion and a willingness to come back tomorrow if you didn’t quite get it right today. Wilbur and Orville wright didn’t just wake up on the morning of December 17, 1903 and decide to have the first powered flight, it took passion, support and recognition along the way, celebration of victories, resilience to try again, tenacity to rise up to the challenge, intellect to incorporate past learnings and gratitude for the support from others. Their project was successful and sustainable because they had ownership in every sense of the word, their savings and livelihoods were inextricably connected to the success of their passionate pursuit. TIGR has taken the derivatives of that passion and distilled it into a replicable employee task management system. If you are going to disrupt existing tech you need to look to the past where the best systems were displayed. TIGR capturers the passion, enterprise and discipline and has constructed a robust platform with a head, heart and soul, we honestly believe that in looking into the past a future can be built.

Understanding that TIGR is a disruptive employee task management application is the first step in adoption of the tech. Embracing any innovative tech requires a first mover mentality, just using TIGR creates a positive, cutting edge feeling that is a rare commodity in the established PM field.

TIGR is committed to the future of employee task management, continuously developing the sense of empowerment and ownership through subtle additions, our philosophy is that we will never ever be anywhere near perfect, continuing to strive for the above the bar expectations that has become a trait of our enterprise. At TIGR we practice what we preach, building, learning and thanking those around us. It’s extremely empowering to recognize your effort and retain accountability so we built TIGR from years of in field, real world experience and have a clear understanding of what a millennium environment opportunity has given us. Continuous above the bar delivery in employee task management is attainable and a worthy aspiration, using TIGR as your employee task management system will enable an enterprise to prosper.

Employees are enterprises most valuable resource far exceeding hard assets. Organizations thrive when the right environment is created and maintained. Empowerment, ownership and accountability are the cornerstones of sustainability. In todays connected environment building and maintaining employee task management requires dedication, adaptability and sustained enthusiasm. Our philosophy is employee empowerment is good for business a good starting point and a good point to end this information insight.

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