Employee task management

A medium sized Project Management Enterprise was looking revitalise their teams. Many of the current squads had been together for more than 18 months and were becoming less productive. TIGR was introduced to;

  • Realign teams
  • Reduce the perception of favourites
  • Separate business from personal relationships
  • Leverage the differences
  • Empower the individuals

The enterprise was still using old systems that were inefficient and in some ways counterproductive, including Touch-points, 360, Goal setting and personal rewards.
TIGR has an attitude to indirect goals, personal rewards and self assessments, they don’t achieve the intended outcomes, they are cumbersome, inaccurate and based on the opinions of unqualified participants. The results are inaccurate and tend to foster the perception of favouritism.

Opportunity - Empower My TEAM

Squads offer a potent way to effectively execute discrete work scopes and remain effective with the right stimuli. TIGR has one overriding objective, the empowerment of employees and has constructed an application that realises the promise.
By creating tasks with actionees and dates for completion TIGR establishes ownership and accountability. Accelerating the Team opportunity for success by setting favourable initial conditions.
Creating a comprehensive inbuilt communications channel with auto-group generation TIGR satisfies the obligation to support others in the team, building personal ‘Purpose’ and camaraderie. Building gratitude the most essential ingredient in any team.
Having completed tasks recorded in a certified Job History builds confidence, reinforcing expertise. Individuality within a team ensures continuing innovative solutions.
Recognising the effort required to complete tasks with positive attributes builds self esteem. TIGR is an acronym for TENACITY INTELLECT GRATITUDE RESILIENCE, aspirational values that reinforce behaviour.


In this case study the squads were given TIGR with the direction to keep an open mind and leverage the opportunity for the mutual benefit of accelerated and better outcomes.
A squad was set up with the task to introduce TIGR - TEAM UP was the project name.

The TEAM UP squad first had to learn how to utilise TIGR

TEAM UP had a Project Leader, Supervisor and 4 implementation actionees. The Project Leader had the HR department set up the registration and Project details. Using the TIGR Company User Manual to guide HR through the process http://tigr8.com/template_assets/manuals/ company_manual.pdf the squad was established, all team members and some upper managers that were used as sponsors of the project were sent an email instruction to use the apple or android link to download and install the app.

Within a few hours the TEAM UP squad had been enabled, using the desktop TIGR, the Project Leader registered a sub-Project outlining in the auto-generated pitch document the focus of the first task, nominating the supervisor to breakdown the tasks required for project success.
Additionally the task deadline was set and the actionees added to the task. The collaboration had started with the task members using the group chat to confer and table a few good ideas, the pitch document was used to add to the scope and record the agreed way forward. The supervisor assigned actionees to tasks details that would later be recorded in the Certified Job History.

The team went about managing their tasks in the usual way that had done so often in the past, quickly becoming accustomed to the collaborative way that TIGR fosters, uploading documents and cooperating for the success of the project. The clarity in communications was becoming obvious, being accessible from their smartphones the Project Leader was able to mentor in a live environment, he became empowered as a leader and confident in the ability of the actionees. The supervisor was able to lead without micromanaging. The task holders were invigorated that they had support and autonomy.

The TEAM UP squad team are selected to learn and mobilise TIGR into the enterprise so the tasks were fairly obvious using the online user manual http://tigr8.com/template_assets/manuals/user_manual.pdf as a guide in the capabilities they easily became proficient and comfortable. TIGR supported the acclimatisation on a few occasions.

The actionees executed the assigned task introducing TIGR to every new project and task.

At the end of the first week several teams were onboard with TIGR and were quickly becoming power users.

The Supervisor had the privilege of closing the first task, recognising the Tenacity Intellect Gratitude Resilience for each action holder. The manager doing the same for the supervisor.

The first task was recorded in the TIGR Certified Job History with the recognition recorded, clearly the team were empowered with the recognition, collaboration was evident and rewarded with Gratitude for all involved.

The Supervisor reinstated the completed task with the same action holders for the following week, just changing the due date and addition of extra teams.

The success of onboarding TIGR was reflected in everyones Job History and upper managers were quick to understand the value of a empowered team, they also had clear understanding of everyones capabilities and decided to drop the old Goal setting and Personal rewards. Realising that Personal recognition had a destabilising effect on the employees left out for no good reason thinking that managers were playing favourites was not constructive and Goal setting was giving intangible results. Recognising the burden of Goal setting and ‘Employee of the Month’ were adding negative value to the enterprise and ultimately impacting productivity and the level of comfort.

The TIGR website says that the aim is not to create a Navy SEAL training camp but to foster continuous and sustainable above the bar performance. The TIGR app was deployed across the organisation in a whole inclusive way everyone now had a TIGR identity that was contributing to their empowerment and career fulfilment, some had never had a CV before, now they had a TIGR Certified Job History endorsed by their supervisors, for the first time they truly felt that their contribution was valued.

At TIGR we are immensely proud of what we have achieved, recognition is the single most powerful tool that a manager has to create an empowered employee. Productivity directly adds to the company bottom line in a tangible way, empowerment supports the enterprise with lower absenteeism, lower staff turnover, increased innovation, less accidents, almost all the key performance indicators move in the right direction.

If you are thinking that TIGR is worth investigation go to http://tigr8.com and review whats offered. TIGR is free application and you will not get any harassing emails from us, just look around, use the ‘demo’, join us and if you want use the contact and we will support you.

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